Equality Campaigns to Equity Infrastructure

Funding Forward 2016

Equality Campaigns to Equity Infrastructure

Friday, April 1st · 11:15am — 12:15pm

As the movement for LGBTQ equality evolves, so too do the leaders and organizations on its front lines. Sophisticated partnerships are developing among state-based organizations to address intersectional issues. Leaders of equality organizations, whose reach and influence has grown significantly over decades of campaigning, are working closely with racial-equity and economic-justice organizations on shared campaigns and organizing activities. This work sets the stage for intersectional wins that improve the lives of LGBTQ people while building political power with other communities who have historically been locked out of full participation in our economy and democracy. In conversation with funders and field leaders we will uncover lessons and opportunities for funders to engage with these alignment efforts, which are paving the way forward for richer and more sustainable change.

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