Supporting Intersectional Movement Building: LGBTQ Racial Justice Funding

Funding Forward 2016

Supporting Intersectional Movement Building: LGBTQ Racial Justice Funding

Friday, April 1st · 1:00pm — 2:00pm

Grassroots groups have identified that support for multi-issue organizing is lacking in the US, but particularly in under-funded regions like the South. The LGBTQ Racial Justice Fund, a collaboration between Ford Foundation, Arcus Foundation, Foundation for a Just Society, Calamus Fund, an anonymous funder and the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice, is a new leader in supporting work at the nexus of racial and LGBTQ justice. The Fund, in its second year of grant-making in the South, supports organizations that are experts in cross-issue coalition-building as well as organizations that have historically worked in one movement but are making intentional strides to deepen their work across communities. The participants in this plenary, grantees of the LGBTQ Racial Justice Fund, will share their experiences with local campaigns to better the lives of LGBTQ low-income people of color, combining policy advocacy, grassroots organizing, and cultural change. Together, the speakers (and then all participants in ensuing breakout groups) will address: what are concrete examples of LGBTQ racial justice work on the ground, and which communities are impacted by their advances and wins? How can a funding collaborative provide unique resources for such intersectional work? Why are LGBTQ and racial justice critical lenses at this political moment and how do they align with other important funding priorities such as economic justice, gender equity, educational justice, and political participation? Funders who have interest in: black-led organizing, trans-led activism, organizing in the South, and anti-criminalization and anti-violence activism will find this workshop of interest. In its first two years of grant-making, the LGBTQ Racial Justice Fund has provided more than $1,500,000 to grassroots organizations in the South.

LGBTQ Racial Justice Fund