Transformative Giving Models to Fund Transformative LGBTQ Activism

Funding Forward 2016

Transformative Giving Models to Fund Transformative LGBTQ Activism

Friday, April 1st · 11:15am — 12:15pm

Institutional philanthropy and foundations have limitations, methods, and criteria that don’t always meet the needs of under-resourced communities. Indigenous, low-income, people of color, rural, transgender, and young LGBTQ communities face barriers to accessing institutional philanthropy and resourcing their self-led activism. Given these barriers, LGBTQ folks have gotten resourceful!

This workshop will tell the story of resilient communities that have creatively come up with their own solutions to address the lack of funding for LGBTQ and people of color communities. Participants will hear from leaders that are creating different funding vehicles such as donor circles (Funding Queerly /Astraea); giving circles (AAPIP), and LLCs and trusts (Trans Justice Funding Project) as alternatives that are making a difference and impact for indigenous, low-income, people of color, rural, youth and transgender communities.

We will share the successes, impact stories, and challenges of alternative funding vehicles for under-resourced communities who live at the intersections and whose community organizing from a lived experience perspective addresses the cultural, economic, social, and political aspects of their work. The workshop will also address how impacted communities come together to support their own solutions and educate others on their community issues. Panelists will discuss examples of mobilizing and inspiring individuals to address equity and social justice for all through an intersectional approach to increasing resources to LGBTQ communities. Participants will leave inspired and with concrete ideas to help resource some of the most exciting activism happening in our movements today.

Asian American/Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy (AAPIP)
Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice