Uniting Women’s and LGBTQ Philanthropy

Funding Forward 2016

Uniting Women’s and LGBTQ Philanthropy

Friday, April 1st · 2:10pm — 3:30pm

Women’s philanthropy and LGBTQ philanthropy have developed as distinct sectors despite a growing awareness that our communities and issues overlap. This session will highlight some examples of funders that have taken steps to adopt an approach that builds on the connection between gender and sexuality issues. We will feature a number of Women’s and Reproductive Justice funders that have incorporated LGBTQ grantmaking into their portfolios, high-level strategies, and organizational missions to discuss their stories, their strategies, and the outcomes of their grantmaking. Rye Young of Third Wave Fund and Surina Khan of the California Women’s Foundation will co-host this dialogue in an effort to encourage collaborate and partnership. We’ll discuss how and why these shifts occurred, and what it might mean about our shared history, and future.

Presenters: Rini Banerjee
Executive Director, Foundation for a Just Society
Tracy Weitz
Director of Domestic Programs, the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation
Moderators: Surina Khan
CEO, Women’s Foundation of California
Rye Young
Executive Director, Third Wave Fund
Sponsors: Third Wave Fund