Using Storytelling for Social Change in the LGBTQ+ Movement

Funding Forward 2016

Using Storytelling for Social Change in the LGBTQ+ Movement

Friday, April 1st · 1:00pm — 2:00pm

DOWNLOAD: Using Storytelling For Social Change in the LGBTQ+ Movement (PPT)

Stories define us. Since very early in human existence stories have moved us, helped us learn and relate to others. The LGBTQ movement has effectively used stories to create social change around marriage equality. Now that equal marriage is a reality in the US, it is important that funders and others in the movement continue to use storytelling to advance trans issues, immigration, equal pay, homelessness, and other pressing issues affecting our community. Telling stories can help funders and nonprofits develop empathy and inspire action in support of our community but – What are the elements of a good story? And how can funders incentivize the use of storytelling in their work and the work of those they fund?

During this hands-on workshop participants will 1) learn practical tools to enhance their ability to create compelling stories, 2) see examples of effective storytelling, and 3) reflect on how to incorporate storytelling in their day-to-day work. In previous experiences presenting the content of this workshop we have seen the session become a safe space where participants interact, share their personal stories, and learn from each other.