Funding Forward 2016


Funders for LGBTQ Issues is excited to bring Funding Forward 2016 to Minneapolis, MN from March 30-April 1!

Funding Forward is an annual gathering of grantmakers committed to LGBTQ issues, which brings together more than 150 of the most significant LGBTQ funders to connect with one another, learn from each other, coordinate
their efforts, and maximize their impact.

Demonstrate your organization’s commitment to advancing LGBTQ issues and get exposed to some of the most influential leaders in LGBTQ philanthropy through sponsorship or a program ad. Sponsorships range from $50,000-$1,000 with full page ads in the program costing $1,000 and half page ads costing $500. (Download the form below for more details!)

Sponsorships are open to all grantmaking institutions and philanthropically as
Your support helps us keep Funding Forward accessible to nearly all eligible and interested parties regardless of their economic means.

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