Director of Training & Leadership Development

Funders for Justice (FFJ)
April 22, 2021
Anywhere, United States of America
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Job Description: Director of Training & Leadership Development

The Director of Training & Leadership Development at Funders for Justice (FFJ) develops

and runs training and workshops for staff, member leaders, and general members, in order

to build strong funder-organizers across all bodies of the organization. They are committed

to the development of FFJ members across a spectrum of political learning and leadership

skills. They work closely with all staff and member leaders to constantly develop the most

needed and effective trainings and workshops; feedback, new ideas, evaluation, and

evolution are core practices. The Director of Training & Leadership Development

understands that effective leaders are strong organizers who work with others to make big

moves towards FFJ’s larger vision and impact goals.

The ideal candidate has extensive experience in racial and gender justice work, has experience

and understanding of local and national organizing landscapes, has deep knowledge of

community organizing efforts led by and for folks of color, and is unapologetically committed to

transformative social justice that is led by Black folks, Indigenus people, and other people of



Funders for Justice is a national network and organizing platform for grantmakers, donor

networks, and funder affinity groups to mobilize resources to grassroots organizing led by

and for people of color, at the intersections of racial justice, gender justice, ending

criminalization, and building models for community safety and justice.

FFJ was founded in 2014, and has grown from less than 100 members, mostly rapid

response programming, and part time staff, to over 500 members, seven areas of

programming, eleven formal member leadership roles, and two full time staff members.

Funders for Justice is led by three co-chairs and a set of member leaders across four

issue-based strategy groups, and staff. The staff work closely with the member leadership

and other members to design and implement the daily programming.

Currently, FFJ hosts an array of standing programming: divest/invest political education for

funders; a set of 15 movement advisors that provide political guidance and frame to the

work; four strategy groups: pre-trial detention, healing justice, ‘me too’ in philanthropy, and

eroding the power of police unions; the donor organizing committee for the Movement for

Black Lives; and a new fellowship for member leaders. FFJ also offers additional responsive

and collaborative programs throughout the year, including webinars and virtual institutes,

as well as in-person events and training institutes at philanthropic conferences (when it is

safe again to convene in person).

Funders for Justice transitioned out of its original organizational home in the fall of 2020 to

become an independent organization, with a new fiscal sponsor, in January 2021.

For more about FFJ, visit Funders for Justice. For more information about our fiscal sponsor,

SEE, please visit


The Director of Training & Leadership Development works in close partnership with FFJ’s

executive director, fellows, member leadership, general members, and staff to cultivate

strong funder organizers. Using FFJ’s leadership development and organizing model, the

Director of Training will develop a host of curriculum to support staff and members in

working towards FFJ’s goals for supporting movements and impacting the field of


The Director of Training & Leadership Development will partner closely with the executive

director to co-develop/co-evolve and take on leadership of a funder organizing school for

staff; and the FFJ Fellowship, an annual organizing school for approximately 15-20 funders,

primarily people of color. The Director of Training & Leadership Development also

partners with the General Member Organizer to engage FFJ’s general membership in

monthly political education, with guest speakers from movement and philanthropy.

As with all FFJ staff members, the Director of Training & Leadership Development will hold

relationships with grassroots organizations, and will support them in connecting with

funders and raising resources. The Director of Training will work with FFJ’s Movement

Advisors and other organizations and leaders to amplify the work of movements and

create a community of accountable funders.


Develop a Leaderful Staff

Develop FFJ’s staff into effective funder organizers, using the FFJ power-generating

leadership development wheel as a foundation to all training and development. Model

sustainable leadership practice, and support annual goal-development, as well as the day-to-day

implementation of those goals, in a way that fosters growth and evolution rather than burnout

and stagnation.

● Co-develop, with the Executive Director, the curriculum for and run a funder

organizing school for staff, in partnership with the executive director, so that staff

have the skills and tools they need to do their work

● Support staff members in their ongoing development, including skills for workshop

design and facilitation as well as daily member organizing for FFJ, to support their

growth in their ability to develop FFJ’s members as leaders and organizers

● Work with the executive director to evolve the FFJ staffing plan based on learning

and real-time evaluation as the organization grows and evolves.

Develop Member Leaders

Develop FFJ’s members into powerful leaders in philanthropy, using the FFJ

power-generating leadership development wheel as a foundation to all training and

development. Trainings offered will include how to organize other funders, and how to

change culture and practice in philanthropy, and will work in partnership with issue-based

trainings led by other staff and colleagues.

● Lead FFJ’s Fellowship program, in partnership with FFJ’s Executive Director. This role

will eventually take on full leadership of the fellowship, including curriculum

development and engaging any external trainers, managing the growing network of

fellowship alumni, and ongoing reflection, evaluation, and evolution of the program

● Develop the curriculum and lead funder organizing and facilitation workshops and

trainings for FFJ’s strategy group co-leads and other key member leaders, nurturing

a leaderful membership

● Additional trainings, coaching, and consulting with FFJ’s members as requested - this

is part of FFJ’s fee-for-service trainings

Collaboration, Team Members, and Staff Supervision

● Supervise the General Member Organizer, who coordinates monthly trainings for

members on FFJ’s core issue areas

● Work collaboratively with the Director of the Divest/Invest Program

● Partner with the Communications Director to develop the internal training visuals,

and to co-design the external messaging about FFJ’s leadership practice

Fundraising & Budget Management

● The fundraising aspect of this role is the fee-for-service trainings and the fee for the

fellowship, as part of a larger array of offerings

● Oversee the training team budget, and lead the training team in the annual budget

planning process


● At least 10 years of experience in racial and gender justice work, work to end

criminalization, and building models for community safety and justice; experience

should be primarily as as a staff member of an organization

● At least 5 years of experience with philanthropy, including foundations,

intermediaries, collaborative funds, affinity groups; experience should be as a staff

member of a foundation, donor network, and/or funder affinity group, and may also

include experience as a grantee partner and/or movement partner

● Strong demonstrated experience in developing trainings on organizing members,

leadership development, racial and gender justice, ending criminalization, models

for community safety & Justice.

● Demonstrated experience and success with organizing philanthropy professionals

from a range of values, to move towards social justice values and best practices for


● Demonstrated success in developing leaders who engage and are accountable to

multiple stakeholders and leadership bodies

● Demonstrated success working in a leadership role in a social justice organization

● Strong demonstrated ability to collaborate in a leaderful organization, with multiple

teams and stakeholders

● Strong demonstrated ability to successfully supervise and coach staff members with

various roles and levels of experience

● Strong writing skills

● Strong personal drive and initiative

● Solid interpersonal, analytical, and organizational skills

● Facility with technology and comfort with a virtual office

● Flexibility and comfort with overlapping projects, competing deadlines, and multiple


● Ability to travel for regularly for staff retreats, FFJ convenings, philanthropy

convenings, and other events when it is truly safe to do so, given current global



● You believe in respect of self and others as a core value and work ethic.

● You believe in responsibility/ accountability as a practice and value that is not only

about completing tasks and obligations.

Values a healthy organizational culture and community, which you build consciously with


● You practice and value kindness, effectiveness, and collaboration.

● You come up with creative solutions to problems based on your own experience.

● You are emotionally aware and practice self/community care to make your ability to

work and fulfill your responsibilities sustainable.

● You are aware of your own limits, discern, and have a practice of asking for support

and collaboration to meet your goals.

● You have great attention to detail

● You see the big picture and can make connections and develop needed

organizational infrastructure, as you have access to a bird’s eye view of all the

programs and operations.

● You have excellent verbal and written communication skills, which allow you to

interface easily with others to agree on plans of action, problem-solve, or

give/receive feedback

● You are able to manage time effectively, allowing you to prioritize, follow-up on, and

finalize tasks in order of relevance.

● Demonstrated experience and comfort with with leadership role at a non-profit

FFJ/SEE is an equal-opportunity employer. Women, people of color, LGBTQ people, people

with disabilities, and others most impacted by the carceral system are strongly encouraged

to apply.


Salary for this position begins at $90,000. Benefits include generous leave, and, for full-time

employees, health insurance and retirement contributions.


Anywhere in the United States. The successful candidate is comfortable and able to work

remotely full-time, and able to travel for staff retreats, occasional FFJ in-person events, and

occasional conferences when it is safe to do so, after the pandemic ends.


Please send a cover letter, resume, and a list of three references to [email protected].

Interviews are rolling, and are expected to begin in May 2021. Our goal is for the role to be filled

in June, and work to begin by July.