Lesbian And Gay Community Center Of Charlotte


To provide a welcoming, fun, safe, and inclusive gathering place for meetings and events * To enhance access to resources by serving as a central point of information and referrals to local organizations * To initiate and cooperate on programs serving the LGBT population * To host social events and promote a sense of community * To present opportunities for learning, topical dialogues, and forums for discussion * To promote a more efficient use of nonprofit funds through affordable meeting space, pooled office costs, and project collaboration. * To reduce isolation among marginalized and under-served groups within the community * To increase public awareness and understanding of the LGBT community * To inspire a sense of pride, wellness, and responsibility among individuals in the LGBT community * To channel advocacy of fairness and equality for the LGBT community * To strengthen community development by fostering interaction among organizations and individuals * To incubate start-up groups to address unmet needs in the LGBT community

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