2019’s Top 14 LGBTQ Philanthropoids to Follow on Twitter

By: Luis Ramirez on May 29, 2019

With Pride Month right around the corner, Funders for LGBTQ Issues is pleased to unveil its 7th annual list of the top LGBTQ Philanthropoids on twitter. This year’s list of 14 trailblazing leaders are folks you’ll want to follow! Check out our 2018 list here.

Nichelle Brunner


Nichelle Brunner is the Program Associate for the Transforming Movements Fund with Borealis Philanthropy and tweets about civil rights, activism, pop culture, and more.

John Christian (JC) De Vera


JC De Vera is an Associate Director at Hirsch & Associates, LLC. Tweets on racial justice, Game of Thrones and fun trips.

Wiktor Dynarski‏


Wiktor Dynarski is a program officer with the Open Society Public Health Program and tweets about philanthropy and LGBTQ issues.

Juan David Franco


Juan David Franco is the executive director of The Delaware Valley Legacy Fund (DVLF) and tweets about the latest conversations in philanthropy, LGBTQ Latinx related issues and current events.

Kiyomi Fujikawa


Kiyomi Fujikawa is the Co-Director of Third Wave Fund and former Grantmakers Untied for Trans Communities (GUTC) fellow, Kiyomi shares her take on Trans issues, philanthropy, music, and more.

Klie Kliebert


Klie is the Communications Manager at Foundation for Louisiana, and tweets about Trans issues, Philanthropy and daily life anecdotes.

Ebony Harper


Ebony Harper is one of the shining lights of Sacramento’s Transgender community and serves as Program Associate with The California Endowment. Ebony tweets about trans leadership and social justice issues.

David Kim


David Kim is a Program Associate at The San Francisco Foundation and tweets about politics, LGBTQ Issues and current events.

Asha Leong‏


Asha Leong is a healer, coach and trainer focused on helping queer, trans, people of color thrive and tweets about social justice issues, current events and more.

Monica Trinidad


Monica is the Communications Officer at the Third Wave Fund and tweets about Philanthropy, Latinx, LGBTQ Issues and current events.

Darius Soler


Darius Soler is a Grants Associate at the Helmsley Charitable Trust. Prior to joining Helmsley, Darius worked at the YMCA at T.A.G. School in Harlem as a youth counselor. Darius tweets about current events and personal anecdotes.

Isabel Sousa-Rodriguez


Isabel Sousa-Rodriguez recently joined the Hazen Foundation as a program officer, after her work as the Director of Membership and Organizing at the Florida Immigrant Coalition. In 2010, Isabel was one of the founders of the national Trail of Dreams. Her twitter feed is filled with updates in insights on issues including women’s rights, racial justice, and pop culture.

Ryan Schlegel‏


Ryan is Director of Research at National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP) and Tweets about philanthropy, environmental issues and current events.

Alisha Williams


Alisha Williams is the U.S. Social Justice Program Officer at Arcus Foundation and tweets about civil rights, criminal justice and more.

Image note: Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash