21 LGBTQ Philanthropoids You Should Follow on Twitter

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21 LGBTQ Philanthropoids You Should Follow on Twitter

By: Andrew Wallace on November 6, 2016

Who are you following on Twitter? Did you know that Arcus Foundation Executive Director, Kevin Jennings, joined the Twitterverse late last month? Just in time for Pride Month, check out our break down of 21 LGBTQ Philanthropoids we think you need to follow on Twitter:

@Albert_Ruesga (Albert Ruesga)

President of @GNOFoundation (Greater New Orleans Foundation). Blogger at White Courtesy Telephone. Thought Leader. Sophisticated philanthropic humor.

@alfonsowenker (Alfonso Wenker)

Bush Foundation Founding Fellow. Former @PfundFoundation staffer. Minnesotan. Sassy philanthroGeek.

@ArcusKevin (Kevin Jennings)

Executive Director of @ArcusLGBT/@ArcusGreatApes. LGBT rights. Conservation. Newest tweep to join the Twitterverse.

@BiaFVieira (Bia Vieira)

VP at The Philadelphia Foundation. Co-Director of the Filadelfia Latin American Film Festival. Tweets in at least 3 languages!

@cindyrizzo (Cindy Rizzo)

Board member of @LGBTfunders. @ArcusLGBT/@ArcusGreatApes VP. Tweets on LGBT issues, immigration, social justice.

@danpallotta (Dan Pallotta)

At times controversial advocate of bringing corporate practices to philanthropy. TED Talk star. Big-time fundraiser.

@FundingChange (Jason Franklin)

Executive Director of Bolder Giving, home of #GiveOUTDay. Advocate of giving big. Known to retweet @TransgenderHULK on occasion.

@JustFundQueers (Alice Hom)

Director of @AAPIP Queer Justive Fund. Might be the most prolific tweeter on our list. Tweets on queer issues, API communities, immigration. Fun arts and foodie updates.

@kmbolduc (Kevin Bolduc)

VP @CEPData (Center for Effective Philanthropy). Hardcore philanthropy wonk with the tweets to prove it!

@lyasui (Luna Yasui)

Program Officer @fordfoundation. Tweets on immigration and other social change issues. Often points to good reads.

@mecapek (Mary Ellen Capek)

New Mexican. Feminist. Funny commentary on current events.

@MrGunnerScott (Gunner Scott)

New Director of Programs @PrideFdn. Former Executive Director of Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition. Lover of lions.

@MrSalvie (Marlon Morales)

Foundations relations @LibertyHill. Foodie. Trekkie. Los Angelino.

@p2173 (Lucy Bernholz)

All-star philanthropy wonk. Blogger behind Philanthropy 2173.

@sturm (Jenn Sturm)

Director of Communications and Digital Strategy @AstraeaUpdates. New media. Social justice.

@thebigdance (Carol Lee)

Program officer @LibertyHill. Los Angelino. Foodie. Loves zombies.

@tmeck78 (Terrence Meck)

President of @PaletteFund. Champion of LGBT homeless youth.

@TobyThompkins (Toby Thompkins)

VP at Tides 21st Century. Global perspective. Smart marketing. Racial diversity.

@tonybowen87 (Tony Bowen)

Manager at @AECFNews (Annie E. Casey Foundation). PhilanthroGeek and author of “Forty Years of LGBTQ Philanthropy.” Lives in D.C.

@urvashivaid (Urvashi Vaid)

Trustee of @GillFoundation. Long time LGBT activist and funder. Tweets on racial justice, progressive politics, and queer theory.

@WilliamCordery (William Cordery)

Program Officer at Marguerite Casey Foundation. Follow his adventures in philanthropy as he travels from NW to SE.

And of course, don’t forget to follow @LGBTfunders and our amazing staff:

@BenFranciscoM (Ben Francisco Maulbeck)

President of @LGBTfunders. Star Trek, super-heroes, social justice, and philanthropy.

@lylematthewkan (Lyle Matthew Kan)

LGBT rights advocate. Political junkie. Known to tweet whimsical pop-culture tidbits.

@marvinwebb (Marvin Webb)

Non-profit avenger. Financial statement sage. Ex-dancer. Organizer of members, convenings, and staff

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