Responding to a Hard Year

Responding to a Hard Year

By: Funders for LGBTQ Issues Staff on December 16, 2020

This past year challenged us in unprecedented ways. The COVID-19 pandemic has left more than 300,000 Americans dead, created the most significant economic crisis since the Great Depression, and laid bare the stark inequalities that too often dictate which lives have value and which are deemed disposable. A global movement for the defense of Black lives continues to rise in the face of police brutality and emboldened White nationalists. The ongoing epidemic of violence against Black trans women continues in the face of demands to protect Black trans life. This fall, the presidential election challenged democratic norms and institutions in ways that may have lasting effects.

Alongside these challenges, we also found inspiration and hope. Like so many others, our network adapted to adverse conditions and learned to work in new ways. Our 2020 looked different than any of us could have imagined a year ago, but we are honored to have collaborated with so many of you to respond to this moment and accomplish what we have.


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