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We Want to Work with You

By: Andrew Wallace on November 6, 2016

The heart of our work is connecting with funders working throughout the South tackling a range of issues. During the past several months, we have continued our efforts to build a network of funders who care deeply about the South and who are interested in identifying concrete ways to support LGBTQ communities throughout the region. The recent rash of bad bills has been an opportunity to educate funders, both seasoned LGBTQ grantmakers and those who are new to the conversation, about how they might show their support for southern LGBTQ communities. See our recent QNotes article highlighting ways that funders can engage during this turbulent time and if you missed our most recent conference call focused on these bad bills, you can listen to it here
We have developed tools and materials for funder briefings that provide opportunities for funders to have constructive conversations and build their capacity to support southern LGBTQ communities. 

Currently, we are working in partnership with regional organizations such as Southeastern Council of Foundations and Grantmakers for Southern Progress as well as state based funder networks in North Carolina, Florida, Alabama and Mississippi to identify meaningful educational programs for their members. We would be more than happy to provide support and trainings for your staff and funder colleagues. Be in touch to talk about it!

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