Ambassadors Circle

The Ambassadors Circle is a network of philanthropic professionals who serve as ambassadors, experts, and resources on LGBTQ issues for funders across the country. Our ambassadors include both LGBTQ people and allies working in mainstream, non-LGBTQ-focused philanthropic institutions. They are well-versed in how LGBTQ communities are uniquely affected by a range of philanthropic priorities and are equipped to identify and share knowledge and resources on LGBTQ issues with their home institutions and with their wider community of funders. Many work in place-based funding institutions, and are available as resources and experts on the needs, assets, and opportunities facing LGBTQ communities their particular state or locality.

Ambassadors also help to develop and guide our programming at the local level. For example, our Fall 2016 Out in Ohio immersion tour was conceptualized and led by our Ohio ambassadors. Ambassadors in Minnesota and Washington have been instrumental in shaping local content for Funding Forward 2016 in Minneapolis and Funding Forward 2017 in Seattle.

Funders for LGBTQ Issues convenes this network of ambassadors and provides them with ongoing support, including quarterly conference calls, an annual in-person meeting at Funding Forward, and serving as a hub for sharing information, tools, and best practices. The Ambassadors Circle also serves as a venue for peer support among LGBTQ people and allies working to increase LGBTQ-inclusiveness in their institutions and in the larger philanthropic sector.

Below is a listing by state of some of our ambassadors who are available if you are interested in connecting or learning more about LGBTQ funding in your area. If you’re interested in learning more about the Ambassadors Circle, or in becoming an ambassador yourself, please contact Kristina Wertz, Director of Engagement.