Soros Equality Fellowship

The Open Society Foundations


Deadline: February 13, 2020


The Open Society Foundations seek applicants for their Soros Equality Fellowship, which aims to support long-term leaders influencing the racial justice field. The fellowship award provides individuals with $100,000 to support the production of an innovative racial justice project over the course of 18 months.

We invite applicants to be innovative and audacious in their submissions. The aim of the fellowship is to incubate new ideas, promote risk-taking, and develop different ways of thinking that challenge and expand our existing assumptions. The proposed project must provide considerable value to the racial justice field and inspire new approaches to address issues of structural inequities and discrimination.

We encourage this year’s cohort to consider their project within the current social and political moment. We know toxic narratives, racialized anxiety, economic insecurity, and an outright assault on civil rights protections have reinforced divisions and the systems that perpetuate inequities. It is in this context that we ask applicants to place their project and explain how and why their project is necessary to counter these threats and move toward a new and inclusive multiracial democracy.

An entrepreneurial spirit guides Open Society’s approach to seemingly intractable problems like structural racism and xenophobia. Through this fellowship, we aim to provide promising leaders with the support they need to more effectively combat racism in all its forms. We seek a diverse and dynamic cohort of applicants, including but not limited to activists, lawyers, artists, journalists, and organizers with unique perspectives, to produce projects with meaningful impact.