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Deadline: October 15, 2022


Get Funding: COVID-19 Rapid Response Grants

In March 2020, the Campaign for Southern Equality launched the COVID-19 Rapid Response Grant Program to address the immediate needs of LGBTQ people in the South, with an emphasis on BIPOC, TGNC people, people with low incomes, and those in rural areas. As of October 2021, we’ve opened up $425,000 in rapid response funding.

This special grant round has three grant categories: (1) Emergency Assistance Grants for Individuals and Families (Grants of $250 to provide immediate financial relief for LGBTQ Southerners), (2) Community Response Grants (Grants of up to $500 to fund projects dedicated to meeting the needs of LGBTQ Southerners in response to COVID-19), and (3) Frontline Grants to Direct Service Providers (Grants directed to direct service organizations).



Fall 2021: Special Grant Round for TDOR – Tras Day of Resilience & Remembrance

The Campaign for Southern Equality is now accepting nominations for a Special SEF Grant Round designed to support organizers working on projects related to TDOR: Transgender Day of Resilience & Remembrance (November 20) or Transgender Awareness Week (November 13-19). Grants of up to $500 will support a wide range of projects.



Fall 2021: Special Grant Round for Southern Healers

Our team at the Campaign for Southern Equality has been so inspired to see innovative healing efforts led by LGBTQI Indigenous, Black, and Brown Southerners – and now, we’re excited to host a special grant round of our Southern Equality Fund. This $10,000 Southern Healers Special Grant Round will distribute grants of up to $500 to organizing efforts led by Indigenous, Black, and Brown LGBTQI Southerners.



Impact and Stories

Read about how the COVID-19 Rapid Response Program has impacted LGBTQ Southerners. On this page you can view the breakdown of the types of grants that we have distributed through the program, the geographic distribution and demographics of Emergency Assistance Grant recipients, stories from grant recipients, the geographic distribution of Community Response Grant projects, and a full list of Frontline grant recipients.