Fania Sipili



Community Care Program Manager, UTOPIA Washington


Fania Sipili is a native of American Samoa that found their way to the vast Pacific Northwest through their journey of self-discovery. As one of the case managers for UTOPIA Washington, Fania calls on the experience they have navigating the fluctuating temperatures of the social waters as a free roaming social butterfly. Since moving to Washington in 2014 and joining the UTOPIA Washington circle, they have definitely found themselves in a nurturing environment that fostered fellowship, community, and self-love above all else. Now joining the UTOPIA Washington team at a full-time working capacity, Fania hopes to return the kind act by helping queer folks that are lost and in need, find sanctuary and opportunities to grow into who they are destined to be. As an advocate for breaking down cultural stigma around mental health as well as raising mental health awareness, their feeling is best described by Glenn Close:
“What mental health needs is more sunlight, more candor, and more unashamed conversation.”