Kelli King-Jackson



Owner, Kelli King-Jackson, LLC


Coach. Loving Disruptor. Resource Liberator.

Kelli King-Jackson is coach and strategic advisor committed to freedom for Black folx. As a coach, Kelli prioritizes working with Black women and other women of color leading in white spaces. In her consulting work, Kelli works to make the nonprofit, philanthropic, government, and corporate sectors safer for Black women.

Kelli is a deep listener and consistent champion for her clients. Kelli believes we must all do the work of freedom at the personal, interpersonal, or organizational levels. As such, Kelli’s work centers on liberating material, spiritual and other resources needed for leaders of color to dream, strategize, and create a just world. She does this by asking expansive and incisive questions to understand and shake what holds us back. By connecting to the wisdom and talent embodied within us, Kelli helps individuals and organizations to navigate complex systems and structures in ways that are rooted in wholeness, healing, and possibility.

Kelli is an ACC-level coach with the International Coaching Federation and a 21/64 certified philanthropy advisor. She has worked in the nonprofit sector for over twenty years. Kelli currently serves on the boards of Funders Together to End Homelessness and Funders for LGBTQ Issues. Most recently she served as Vice President of Programs and Community Engagement at The Simmons Foundation (Houston, TX). Prior to joining the Simmons Foundation, Kelli led a nationally recognized school-based health outreach initiative in Texas and consulted with BIPOC-led small nonprofits across the country.

Kelli is actively engaged in her local community often hosting discussions on upcoming elections, leadership, and ways to support local, Black-led organizations. She is also a sought-after speaker, an avid writer, and an occasional crafter. Kelli’s favorite job is loving on her people.