Morticia Godiva



Director of Community Engagement, Black Trans Travel Fund


Morticia Godiva is a multidisciplinary artist based in the Bronx. Since moving from Florida six years ago, she has been creatively working in NYC. Godiva wrote, produced, and starred in “Feeling Like an Orchid”; the film tells a motley tale around polyamory. She also made a film titled “Boomerang”. The film is an Ode to Fem Queens; it begs, “what is your target when you throw your boomerang?” Long Wharf Theatre is set to produce “Poly Pockets”, an Afro-futuristic play that Godiva wrote. She tends to engage in work that may intersect with her identities. She serves as the Director of Community Engagement for the Black Trans Travel Fund; a black trans led team that redistributes money to Black trans women all over the world. While she chooses to share casual stories not rooted in trauma; Godiva loves to sit in the morbid, horror, and sci-fi realm to tell a tale.