Stonewall Democrats Tarrant County


Inform Democratic candidates and officeholders of issues of importance to members of the gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgendered community and our supporters (herein also referred to as the GLBT community); Promote the Democratic Party’s message of economic justice and social progress in the GLBT community; Evaluate candidates for public office and actively support those candidates who best promote the Organization’s mission; Encourage the participation of members of the Organization in the campaigns of Democratic candidates and at all levels of the Democratic Party; Facilitate the election of Democratic candidates to public office by maximizing Democratic turnout in the GLBT community; Build coalitions with other organizations and communities that support the Organization’s mission, reach out to underrepresented and diverse groups within our community in order to bring about greater harmony and understanding and increase the Organization’s visibility and influence through participation in community activities and events; Make Tarrant County a better place for GLBT people to live, work, play and raise families.

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