February 28, 2018
MISSION Trans(forming) is a membership-based organization led by trans men, intersex, gender non-conforming people of color, assigned female at birth (including those who ID as male/ man) and those who are questioning. The organization hosts monthly meetings, social gatherings, provides resources and all around transitional support. We exist to share information, provide social support, camaraderie, and to assist members in their transition. Website | Facebook | Twitter
March 5, 2018
MISSION The mission of Trans*Visible is to challenge Binarism in social justice movements by supporting the visibility of Transgender, Gender Non-Conforming, and Non-Binary trainers, facilitators, space holders, and creative place makers in their practice of transformation. Website
March 5, 2018
Transcend Charlotte
MISSION Transcend Charlotte is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote authenticity, connection, and social justice for transgender individuals and all people impacted by oppression and/or trauma. We want to build safe, person-centered, and trauma informed space and communities that foster truth and value each person’s journey, needs, and desires. We hope to educate individuals, groups, agencies, and communities on topics misunderstood by the majority culture as well as provide support groups, basic needs services such as our TransCloset, referral services in building a strong network with other providers, and host events to build community bonds. We do this […]
March 10, 2018
Transgender Assistance Program of Virginia
MISSION The Transgender Assistance Program of Virginia is an organization created to end homelessness within the local transgender community in Virginia. Our goal is to offer safe emergency and temporary transitional housing to homeless transgender adults in our community, and to help them find the additional resources they need to remove the barriers to self-sufficiency. Our program is unique because it is run by the transgender community for the transgender community. Website | Facebook | Twitter