February 28, 2018
Transwomen National
MISSION Transwomen National: A trans-centric, group based portal that exists solely for the empowerment and support of all Transgender women. TwN continually strives to supply critical knowledge through up to date information concerning the daily needs of today’s Transgender women: To continually identify and develop Transgender women to become leaders for today and tomorrow. Website | Facebook
February 28, 2018
Transylvania University – T-Unity
MISSION It is the mission of T-Unity to establish a foundation for understanding, cooperation, and unity among all students of Transylvania University, and to enhance social, emotional, and political equality, as well as to raise awareness of prominent health issues related to sexuality, with emphasis on these issues in the LGBTQ* community. It is also our mission to attain equality through coalition building, dissemination of information, and other social activities. Facebook | Twitter
March 10, 2018
Tri-Cities Transgender
MISSION Tri-Cities Trans is a regional non profit organization dedicated to supporting the transgender community of East Tennessee, and Southwest Virginia. Website | Facebook
March 9, 2018
Tri-County Gender Benders
MISSION We are a Trans-centered LGBTQ+ support group located in upstate South Carolina. Our mission is to provide support and love to those in our community. For more information, feel free to message us here or email us at [email protected]. Facebook