March 8, 2018
Bois of the Sippi
MISSION Bois of the Sippi works to increase visibility of trans communities in rural Missisippi. The group helps to create safe spaces for masculine alternatives (masculine-of-center women and trans men).
March 1, 2018
Brotherhood Incorporated
MISSION The mission of Brotherhood, Incorporated is to develop and implement programs and services that impact the economic, social, and health disparities that exist within underserved and at risk communities through education, enlightenment and empowerment. Website | Facebook
March 2, 2018
Carolina Transgender Society
MISSION The Carolina Transgender Society is a group that exists to give you a place to get out of your closet, be safe and accepted, share, learn, grow, and generally be comfortable. We want you to become more comfortable with yourself and around others. Website
March 9, 2018
Carolina Youth Action Project
MISSION The Carolina Youth Action Project is a grassroots nonprofit that uses music as a vehicle for social change and builds power among girls and transgender youth in Charleston, South Carolina. Website | Facebook