March 5, 2018
UNC Chapel Hill – LGBT Center
MISSION The LGBTQ Center works to foster a safe inclusive environment for UNC-Chapel Hill community members of all sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expressions. Website | Facebook | Twitter
March 5, 2018
UNC Charlotte – Spectrum
MISSION PRIDE Spectrum shall be conducted as a safe place for any and all members of the LGBTQIA community to come and meet. We will discuss topics and issues pertaining to the community, and serve as an outreach organization for the greater Charlotte area. Website | Facebook
March 5, 2018
UNC Greensboro – Pride
MISSION PRIDE! strives to be a resourceful organization, to promote awareness of GLBTQA issues and to establish an open social network for our members. We also strive to educate the UNCG community on issues faced by GLBTQA persons and to help create a more safe and welcoming campus for all Website | Facebook
March 5, 2018
UNC Greensboro – Speak Out
MISSION UNCG believes that all students, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender presentation deserve the same dignity, respect, rights, and privileges. Website | Facebook