Guilford College – The Bayard Rustin Center for Lgbtqa Activism, Education and Reconciliation


ACTIVISM –Advocating for LGBTQ rights and safety at campus, local state and national levels Creating a Listening Project –Serving as a physical space to provide practical, logistical and spiritual support for student activism –Supporting the use of Bayard Rustin’s Quaker-based methods of nonviolent action within the LGBTQA civil rights movement EDUCATION –Providing regularly scheduled Safe Zone training for all sectors of campus –Creating programming that allows the campus to be better informed on LGBTQ culture, history and contributions to society –Supporting the development of LGBT Studies curricula on campus –Bearing witness to Bayard Rustin’s history and legacy through events, classes and conferences RECONCILIATION –Healing the rifts within ourselves created by internalized heterosexism, transphobia, biphobia and homophobia –Honoring our straight allies –Healing rifts between heterosexual and LGBTQA populations –Acknowledging and healing rifts within the LGBTQA community created by racism and classism –Building bridges to the modern civil rights movement in greater Greensboro

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