March 10, 2023

We Will Only Move Forward Together: An Open Call To Philanthropy

February 15, 2023

Meet Our Team: Ashe and Stephen

What strengths do I bring to your work?  In my work, I bring a level of unshakable faith in my personal being, strong character, and respect for all people’s dignity. I draw my strength from my trancestors/ ancestors. I bring a level of diplomacy and discernment to my work. I also try to be courageous when my instincts tell me.  What motivates you? Gospel music, Spiritual leadership, and affirmations motivate me! I created an affirmation jar for myself that sits on my desk. Anytime I am overwhelmed, under a deadline, or just tired of screen time, I pull a quote […]
January 25, 2023

Meet Our Team: Cleopatra Jach and Noemi

What do you do at Funders? What strengths do you bring to your work? As the newest Director of Programs at Funders, I am responsible for leading and managing the program team, overseeing the execution of Funding Forward, coordinating our training structure, and developing an effective program department. With a background in Community Organizing, I bring a wealth of strengths to this role, having served as an Executive Director twice and managing programming for the past six years. My expertise in community safety, mediation, facilitation, and organizational development are skills I’ll be relying on often. I pride myself on my […]
October 5, 2022

We Begin With Love: Celebrating Forty Years of LGBTQ Funder Organizing