Centering Black Lives in LGBTQ Grantmaking

march, 2018

16mar11:15 AM12:15 PMCentering Black Lives in LGBTQ Grantmaking11:15 AM - 12:15 PM Sponsored By: : Borealis Philanthropy

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The Movement for Black Lives (M4BL) is a formation of organizations working towards a future free from state sanctioned enforcement, judicial, and economic violence that allows for the prosperity and safety of all Black people. In our current political context with deportations, police militarization, and criminalization of survival and daily life drastically on the rise, public healthcare and health programs being cut, and initiatives to repeal anti-discrimination laws on the local and state levels surfacing, folk’s lives are at stake. And as many of us know well, low-income LGBTQ and GNC people of color, in particular Black people, are disproportionately impacted by these forms of violence. Now more than ever it is essential for philanthropy to take an intersectional approach to funding organizations doing movement building at these intersections.

In this session, we want to have a strategic conversation about how funders can show up as more authentic partners in movement building by investing in Black-led movement work, regardless of the portfolios that we manage. We will do this by providing funders with a first look at the M4BL 2021 plan and highlighting how it intersects with LGBTQ-led movement building work. Moving the discussion from a national-level conversation of the 2021 plan, we will ground this with a case study of local work centering queer and trans Black communities on the ground. We will guide this conversation through a “world café” framework, allowing funders to brainstorm ways for their organizations to authentically support queer and trans Black-led movement building work.

Sponsored By:

Borealis Philanthropy