Funding the Intersectional Movement to Address LGBTQ Poverty

march, 2018

16mar11:15 AM12:15 PMFunding the Intersectional Movement to Address LGBTQ Poverty11:15 AM - 12:15 PM Sponsored By: : Wellspring Philanthropic Fund

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LGBTQ Americans face higher rates of poverty than heterosexual people. Research has found that one quarter of LGBTQ people have been unable to feed their families in the last year; that single LGBTQ adults with children are three times as likely, and married or partnered LGBTQ adults with children are two times as likely, to have incomes near the poverty line compared to non-LGBTQ peers. Transgender people of color also report much higher rates of extreme poverty. How can funders respond to this growing crisis in the LGBTQ community? Given the current political climate, where poor communities of color face increasing threats and loss of supports, what LGBTQ community based interventions and services need philanthropic resources?

This session will share key findings from a new comprehensive and community-informed research project on LGBTQ poverty that engaged over 200 participants from a wide range of organizations and geographic locations in the United States. Using an interactive exercise from the research project, participants will create a collective map that illustrates the areas of LGBTQ economic justice funders are currently supporting, and identify the existing gaps and needs. LGBTQ funders working on multiple issues, such as racial justice, education, transgender rights, or health, for example, will identify ways they can more effectively integrate economic justice into their work. Furthermore, participants will hear from an LGBTQ people of color community center in Texas and learn about a rich array of approaches to advancing economic justice for diverse LGBT constituencies that might not fit into traditional notions of anti-poverty work.

Sponsored By:

Wellspring Philanthropic Fund