Naming and Claiming Our Collective Queer Spirit on the Road to Freedom

march, 2018

14mar3:30 PM5:00 PMNaming and Claiming Our Collective Queer Spirit on the Road to FreedomPLENARY3:30 PM - 5:00 PM Sponsored By: : Out In The South

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Religious and spiritual violence shape the lives of LGBTQ people and their families in significant ways. From LGBTQ people being ostracized from their families of origin and communities of faith to public policy debates framed around “religious freedom,” anti-LGBTQ religiosity is central to the narrative for those opposing LGBTQ communities. In the face of such strong oppression, queer-centered spirituality is a core strength and practice for many LGBTQ people. It is a source of much of their resiliency and joy.

Even though queer-centered spirituality and anti-LGBTQ religious bigotry are such a strong factors in the lives of so many, funders often consider issues of religion, faith, and spirit to be untouchable issues. How can Funders better uplift and bolster LGBTQ affirming faith and spiritual practices AND inform the broader narrative so that it includes these affirming voices?

 This session will highlight a variety of ways that funders can embrace religion, faith, and spirituality by working on various fronts, including tending to our collective healing, amplifying LGBTQ inclusive theologies, and engaging in the public policy debate from an LGBTQ inclusive religious, spiritual, and faith perspective.

Sponsored By:

Out In The South