March 11, 2018
Houston Pride Band
MISSION The mission of the Houston Pride Band is: -To provide a welcoming, comfortable and safe musical outlet for LGBT and allied musicians to participate in a community band setting. -To encourage interest in public and private music education through concerts and events that uplift and inspire musical interest in people of all ages. -To use musical performances to support local community organizations and events. -To host and participate in local, state, national, and international conferences that foster the continuing participation of all individuals in community musical programs. Website | Facebook | Twitter
March 11, 2018
Gulf Coast Archive and Museum of GLBT History, Inc.
MISSION Gulf Coast Archive and Museum of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender History, Inc. was created to collect, preserve and provide access to historical items from the GLBT community in the gulf coast area of Texas. The archive shall encourage education of and research by anyone (regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age or religion), interested in learning about any aspects of the GLBT community. The museum shall sponsor meetings for the dissemination of information and display of collected materials. Website | Facebook
March 11, 2018
The Empire of the Royal Soverign and Imperial Court of the Single Star, Inc
MISSION The purpose of the Corporation is: to sponsor, support, and promote community charitable and educational programs and efforts; to promote and recognize community leaders; and to promote harmony among the people in the community. Website | Facebook
March 11, 2018
Delta Phi Upsilon
MISSION The mission of Delta Phi Upsilon Fraternity is to improve the public stature of gay men by supporting a progressive interest in the social and civic welfare of our community through the promotion of unity, educational advancement and community service. Website | Facebook | Twitter