February 23, 2018
Birmingham AIDS Outreach
MISSION To provide financial, emotional, and home health support to individuals with HIV and AIDS and to provide educational information to the community with the goal of reducing the spread of AIDS. Website | Facebook | Twitter
March 1, 2018
Brotherhood Incorporated
MISSION The mission of Brotherhood, Incorporated is to develop and implement programs and services that impact the economic, social, and health disparities that exist within underserved and at risk communities through education, enlightenment and empowerment. Website | Facebook
March 8, 2018
Brothers United Network
MISSION The Brothers United Network is a collective of African American Gay/SGL Men that seek to provide community empowerment and self actualization through its individual BU Chapters in Nashville, Chattanooga, Memphis, Knoxville, and West TN. Website
March 7, 2018
Care Resource
MISSION Care Resource is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization and a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC). We have four (4) facilities, including: Miami-Dade, Little Havana-(Miami-Dade), Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale. We provide comprehensive health and support services to address the full health care needs of our pediatric, adolescent and adult populations. Website