March 8, 2018
My Brother’s Keeper
MISSION My Brother’s Keeper, Inc. (MBK) is a community-based organization working to eliminate health disparities among underserved, uninsured/underinsured and, other vulnerable populations through health education, health promotion, policy and environmental systems changes, and other health equity approaches. Website
February 28, 2018
NAESM (National AIDS Education & Services for Minorities)
MISSION The mission of NAESM is to provide national and local leadership to address the myriad of health and wellness issues confronted by black gay men. Website | Facebook | Twitter
March 9, 2018
Nashville Health Management Foundation
MISSION Our vision is to improve community wellness by eliminating the spread of HIV and uplifting those affected by HIV. Our mission is to connect the community to a network of HIV education, prevention, care and support resources through partnerships with service organizations in Middle Tennessee. Facebook
March 10, 2018
Nationz Foundation
MISSION Our mission is to provide education and information related to HIV prevention and overall health and wellness, while inspiring the community to take responsibility for their health while working towards a more inclusive Central Virginia for LGBTQIA+ identified individuals. Website | Facebook | Twitter