Human Services

February 28, 2018
MISSION It is the mission of this group to provide a safe place for transgender individuals and people who feel they do not fit into the standard gender norms to express their true selves. Website | Facebook
March 11, 2018
Translatin@ Coalition – Florida Chapter
MISSION The mission of TransLatin@ Coalition is to advocate for the specific needs of the Trans Latin@ community that resides in the U.S.A. and to plan strategies that improve our quality of life. Website | Facebook | Twitter
March 11, 2018
MISSION Transmigration is a social club geared towards transgender and or gender-queer individuals between the ages of 17-29. We welcome visitors outside that age range but keep in mind the group does focus on individuals with in the age range. We are here to offer support, companionship and long lasting friendships to those that seek them. Website | Facebook
March 11, 2018
TransSOCIAL South Florida
MISSION TransSOCIAL South Florida was created to promote unity within the Transgender community, and to increase Trans visibility and understanding in our surrounding communities. We provide links to local support group meetings, services and resources through a centralized events calendar. We also host social gatherings and educational events to benefit our community. Website | Facebook