March 5, 2018
Openarms Youth Project
MISSION Our mission is to bring Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning youth and their friends together to build a peer based community that empowers them to end isolation, create a progressive youth voice; increase well being and self-esteem; and change the communities in which they live. Openarms Youth Project accomplishes this by offering peer based education, advocacy, recreation, information and leadership opportunities. Website | Facebook | Twitter
March 5, 2018
Oklahomans for Equality
MISSION Oklahomans for Equality(OkEq) seeks equal rights for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) individuals and families through advocacy, education, programs, alliances, and the operation of the Dennis R. Neill Equality Center. Website | Facebook
March 5, 2018
Oklahoma State Queers and Allies
MISSION The purpose of this organization is to strengthen the presence of the LGBT community and its allies on the campus of OSU and in the community of Stillwater; to provide a safe and educational environment for the LGBT community and its allies; to provide opportunities for its members to develop effective leadership skills; to promote tolerance and understanding between races, religions, creeds, genders, gender identities, ages, and sexual identities or orientations; and to further our struggle for equality. Website | Facebook
March 5, 2018
Oklahoma Log Cabin Republicans
MISSION Log Cabin Republicans is the nation’s largest Republican organization dedicated to representing LGBT conservatives and allies who believe inclusion wins. Website