March 5, 2018
Green Country Bears
MISSION We are a Social Group that Identify as “Bears” or part of the “Bear Culture/Subculture” that falls within the LGBT Community and based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Website | Facebook
March 5, 2018
Freedom Oklahoma
MISSION Freedom Oklahoma works to secure lived equality and legal protection for LGBTQ Oklahomans through advocacy, public education, coalition building, and individual empowerment in the civic process. Website | Facebook
March 5, 2018
Expressions Church
MISSION It is our experience that Expressions is a unique Spirit filled, Bible believing, LGBT affirming ministry with a rich history of celebrating diversity and struggling with the hard questions of faith. Our ministry has been a bright light for those seeking a different but authentic relationship with Jesus Christ. We are not about building an empire; we are all about being there for each other. Basically, we all will go through hell at some point; but we never have to journey alone. Website | Facebook
March 5, 2018
Enid LGBT Coalition/Enid Pride
MISSION The mission of the Enid LGBT Coalition is to serve the needs of our diverse community by building connections and by encouraging acceptance of all. Website | Facebook | Twitter