March 9, 2018
Agape MCC
MISSION With open hearts, open minds, and open arms, Agape’ MCC is a nurturing faith community seeking God’s will by celebrating inclusive worship, redefining family, and providing a voice for justice. Website | Facebook | Twitter
February 24, 2018
All Saints Presbyterian Church
MISSION Recognizing the great diversity in which God created humankind, All Saints welcomes you as God’s own in body and soul: young, old, or somewhere in-between. You may live alone, as a couple, or within a family. You may identify with particular racial and ethnic groups. You may come with your own sexual identity and gender expressions. You may have unique physical or mental abilities. And you may be firm in your faith or seeking your path. Website | Facebook | Twitter
March 1, 2018
All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church
MISSION We, as a loving and caring spiritual community, resolve to: ** Promote diversity through free expression of ideas and beliefs ** Encourage intellectual and spiritual growth, and ** Provide an environment for social activism and community service. We believe the search for truth is a journey, not a destination. In this spirit, all are welcome. Website | Facebook| Twitter
March 5, 2018
Cathedral of Hope
MISSION Our mission is “to empower all people to experience the presence of God, to grow toward wholeness, and to act in love.” Website | Facebook