March 9, 2018
MCC Charleston
MISSION MCC Charleston furthers the dominion of God through excellence in joy-filled worship, spiritual and personal growth, congregational care, stewardship and outreach. This is achieved through consistent giving of our time, talent and treasure. Website | Facebook
March 4, 2018
MCC Charlotte
MISSION We are a Christian community of faith actively showing God’s love in service to each other and to our community. Website | Facebook
March 8, 2018
MCC Key West
MISSION MCC Key West is renowned for its commitment of service to those in need. We are the embodiment of the all-inclusive, unconditional love of God through our work in the community and the world. Website| Facebook
March 9, 2018
MCC Knoxville
MISSION MCC Knoxville is a Christian Church serving the gay male, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and straight communities of Knoxville and East Tennessee Website