March 9, 2018
Teen Outlook (TOUT)
MISSION Teen Outlook (TOUT) is a gay straight alliance open to 9th – 12th grade teens in the Spartanburg area. It was founded to minimize isolation among LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning) teens and to promote friendship and understanding among all teens along the sexual identity and gender expression continuum. Website | Facebook
March 9, 2018
South Carolina Pride Movement Inc
MISSION The mission of the South Carolina Pride Movement is to support the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender (GLBT) community of South Carolina; to celebrate the richness and diversity of GLBT lives; to educate the general population on GLBT issues; and to advocate for equality and inclusion in all areas of life. Website | Facebook | Twitter
March 9, 2018
South Carolina Log Cabin Republicans Chapter
MISSION Log Cabin Republicans is the nation’s largest Republican organization dedicated to representing LGBT conservatives and allies who believe inclusion wins. Website | Facebook | Twitter
March 9, 2018
SC Stonewall Democrats
MISSION The mission of the South Carolina Stonewall Democrats is to advance equal rights for all people 1) by encouraging gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender (GLBT), and allied people to participate in the political process and 2) by educating the South Carolina Democratic Party, candidates, office holders, and the community-at-large about issues important to the GLBT community. This mission is carried out through educational projects, voter registration, campaign volunteering, candidate endorsement, legislative lobbying, and coalition-building. Website