March 11, 2018
Open Arms Rape Crisis Center & LGBT+ Services
MISSION Open Arms’ mission is to create social change within the Concho Valley by providing prevention, education, advocacy, and a safe place to foster healing for survivors of sexual violence and gender discrimination. Website | Facebook | Twitter
March 11, 2018
Austin LGBT Bar Association
MISSION As Austin’s LGBT professional legal association, we endeavor to: (1) Promote education on issues relating to LGBT law; (2) Study and report on laws, decisions, and governmental regulations as they may affect the rights, responsibilities, and needs of LGBT people; (3) Provide a common forum for individuals interested in the legal issues of LGBT people; and (4) Raise the profile and acceptance of LGBT individuals within the legal community and serve as examples for professionalism. Website | Facebook | Twitter
March 11, 2018
Qwell Community Foundation
MISSION QWELL Community Foundation supports LGBTQA organizations and businesses that improve the wellbeing of Austin’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, and Ally people. Website | Facebook
March 11, 2018
Youth First Texas
MISSION To provide a safe space for LGBTQ youth and their allied friends to strengthen opportunities for life skills, leadership development, peer support and educational advancement. Website