Social Justice

March 4, 2018
NC Queer Troublmakers
MISSION We seek to actively fight the whitewashing of the LGBTQ movement and the white silence and violence of the corporate gay rights “movement,” to create autonomous LGBTQ people of color community, and we are invested in TRANSformation that makes our survival possible. Facebook
March 5, 2018
NC Queer Youth Power
MISSION We organize trainings, events, and support organizing campaigns. Our first collaboration was Queernival: a Southern Celebration of Youth Liberation. Coalition members include the Youth Organizing Institute, QORDS (Queer Oriented Rap-Rock Day School), and iNSIDEoUT/UPSIDEDOWN. Website | Facebook
February 24, 2018
New Hope MCC
MISSION The Mission of New Hope MCC is to offer a hospitable place for all people to worship Jesus Christ and to reach out to the community in service and love to share the Gospel. Website | Facebook
March 2, 2018
NOAGE – New Orleans Advocates for GLBT Elders
MISSION New Orleans Advocates for GLBT Elders (NOAGE), a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, was created from a steering committee of concerned residents and older adult service providers to address the challenges facing LGBT older adults in the New Orleans area. Website | Facebook| Twitter