Social Justice

March 7, 2018
Contigo Fund
MISSION The Contigo Fund is the active and thoughtful response of various national philanthropic organizations and LGBTQ community advocates to the attack against LGBTQ people of color on Latin Nite at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando on June of 2016. Under the umbrella of Our Fund Foundation, a nonprofit LGBTQ philanthropic organization, Contigo’s mission is to fund, strengthen and empower existing agencies and emerging ones working to improve the lives of LGBTQ and Latinx individuals, immigrants and people of color in Central Florida. Website | Facebook | Twitter
February 23, 2018
Cornerstone MCC
MISSION We are living and sharing God’s love in Christ for all people. We practice radical hospitality, passionate worship, intentional discipleship, risk-taking outreach and service, and extravagant generosity. By 2020 we will grow to 300 active members, meeting in a safe and accessible facility, serving as a resource to meet the needs of people, especially the vulnerable. Website | Facebook | Twitter
February 28, 2018
Counter Narrative Project
MISSION The mission of The Counter Narrative Project is to amplify the voices of black gay men as a way to end stigma. We are committed to cultural change as a vehicle for social change and approach our work through an asset-based framework. Our work is rooted in the belief in the power of stories to change hearts and minds and to change society. Website | Facebook | Twitter
March 11, 2018
Direct Action Network of San Antonio
MISSION The goal of DANSA is to empower our community to stand up and speak out against discrimination directed at women, the undocumented, LGBTQ citizens, and all those who are disenfranchised. Facebook