February 28, 2018
Imperial Court of Kentucky
MISSION The Imperial Court of Kentucky, Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit charity with a special outreach to the homophile community of Kentucky. Website | Facebook
February 28, 2018
GLSEN – Bluegrass Chapter
MISSION GLSEN Bluegrass is a local chapter working in Fayette, Scott, and Madison counties for respect, safety, and the inclusion of all students in K-12 schools in our area. We support students through GLSEN Days of Action like the Day of Silence, provide support for gay-straight and gender and sexuality alliances, and distribute research reports from GLSEN national’s research department. We work with our partners to educate others involved in schools, from parents to teachers. Website | Facebook | Twitter
February 28, 2018
Gay and Lesbian Service Organization (GLSO)
MISSION To provide support and services to the GLBTQQIA community. Website
February 28, 2018
Fortunate Families
MISSION Fortunate Families serves as a resource and networking ministry with Catholic parents of LGBT+ daughters and sons. We promote and facilitate personal, meaningful, and respectful conversation, especially within our parishes and with our pastors and bishops. We stress the significance of our personal stories as a source of grace and as a witness for justice in our civic and faith communities. Website