Annual Reports and Financials

Since 2012, Funders for LGBTQ Issues has grown its organizational capacity significantly, increasing its annual revenue from $500,000 to more than $1.3 million and doubling its membership. This expanded capacity has positioned the organization to advance the ambitious goals of our current strategic plan to increase overall foundation funding of LGBTQ issues to $200 million annually.

We value transparency and have listed below our strategic plan, as well as four years’ worth of annual reports and financial information.  If you have any questions or are seeking information older than what is listed below, please contact Marvin Webb, Senior Vice President of Finance and Administration, at [email protected].

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Annual Reports and Financial Information




*Please note, this was a transitional year for the organization and there was no Annual Report produced.

Strategic Plans

The Funders for LGBTQ Issues Strategic Plan (2019-2021)

Our 2019-2021 strategic plan outlines three primary strategies – and one internal one – that seek to transform the culture of philanthropy by advancing change at the three levels: the sector-wide level, the institutional level, and the individual level.

The Strategic Plan For Increasing Foundation Funding For LGBTQ Issues (2015-2017)

Launched in 2015, this three-year strategic plan set a bold goal of increasing annual LGBTQ philanthropic funding to $200 million by 2017.