Arts & Culture

March 3, 2018
GayCharlotte Film Festival
MISSION The GayCharlotte Film Festival is a program of Charlotte Pride. Learn more about Charlotte Pride, which creates programs and activities to enrich, empower, strengthen, and make visible the unique lives and experiences of LGBTQ people in Charlotte and the Carolinas, at Website
March 9, 2018
Gender Benders
MISSION Columbia, SC Prime Timers is a social group of older gay or bisexual men (and younger adult men twenty one (21) years and older who admire mature men). It is strictly social. Our members are men who choose to have their social lives enriched by the diverse activities in which our members engage. No single definition can describe Prime Timers, as they come from all walks of life. But one thing is true of all Prime Timers: they enjoy the opportunities and friendships that develop with other Prime Timers throughout the world. Website | Facebook
February 28, 2018
Georgia College & State University
MISSION At PRIDE Alliance, it is our mission to serve the LGBTQ+ community at Georgia College and the local community. PRIDE Alliance has three basic goals: to build community, educate our campus about LGBTQ+ life, and promote positive advocacy and activism. Website | Facebook | Twitter
March 9, 2018
Grand Stand Pride
MISSION Advancing acceptance of the Grand Strand LGBT community through increased visibility. Website | Facebook