Arts & Culture

February 23, 2018
Central Alabama Pride Inc.
MISSION Central Alabama Pride, Inc. (CAP) plans the annual Pride Week Activities including the Pride Parade and PrideFest, as well as coordinating other activities throughout the year that support other LGBT and LGBT supportive organizations in the community. Website | Facebook | Twitter
March 6, 2018
Central Arkansas Pride
The ACLU and ACLUF are dedicated to promoting, defending and expanding civil liberties in Arkansas.
March 11, 2018
Central Texas Transgender Society
MISSION CTTGS is not a formal organization, with no meetings, by-laws, or that sort of thing. We began as a group of gender diverse individuals who found each other on the Internet, and for many years met monthly at a local restaurant for lunch. Unfortunately, due to lack of volunteers to schedule the meetings and keep up with the mailing list, we discontinued the lunches. Instead, we encourage those who still wish to meet up to reach out to other organizations who provide meetings or other events. Website
February 26, 2018
Charis Circle
MISSION Charis Circle exists to foster sustainable feminist communities, to work for social justice and to encourage the expression of diverse and marginalized voices. Website | Facebook | Twitter