Arts & Culture

March 9, 2018
Nashville in Harmony
MISSION Nashville in Harmony (NiH) is Tennessee’s first and only musical arts organization specifically created for people of all sexual orientations, gender identities, gender expressions, and their allies. Website | Facebook | Twitter
March 9, 2018
Nashville Pride
MISSION Nashville Pride’s mission is to educate and maintain a sense of pride, community, and awareness of, about, and for LGBT people and culture in Middle Tennessee. Website | Twitter
March 4, 2018
NC Pride Band
MISSION The NC Pride Band, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, is an inclusive organization uniting communities through a shared love of music. Formerly known as the NC Pride Marching Band, or NCPMB, the NC Pride Band is comprised of a marching band, a concert band and a jazz ensemble. Founded in 1987, The North Carolina Pride Marching Band was formed as a lesbian drum corps using traditional Latin and African hand drums. In 1996, the band took a new direction and formed as a standard marching band with brass and woodwind instruments, and marching percussion. Website
March 2, 2018
New Orleans Gay Men’s Chorus
MISSION The New Orleans Gay Men’s Chorus seeks to positively influence diverse communities by providing a musical voice to enrich and enlighten through outreach and the pursuit of artistic excellence. Website | Facebook