Arts & Culture

March 8, 2018
Jackson Black Pride
MISSION Jackson Black Pride organizes Black LGBTQ pride events in Mississippi, including the annual Black Pride celebration in Jackson. Website | Facebook | Twitter
March 8, 2018
Jacksonville Black Pride
MISSION The Jacksonville Florida Black Pride is a social network created to build the unity and fellowship of the African American, LGBTQ community in Jacksonville, Fl. We accomplish this mission through community empowerment activities and initiatives focusing on education, health, leadership, and a philosophy of fellowship and inclusiveness of all races, ethnicities, and sexual orientations. Website | Facebook
March 10, 2018
James River Transgender Society
MISSION The James River Transgender Society is a support group based in Richmond, Virginia and offers support for anyone who is gender variant. Website | Facebook
March 4, 2018
Jewish Community Center of Asheville – LGBTJew
MISSION LGBTJew is the LGBTQ portal of the Asheville Jewish Community Center. We create inclusive LGBTQ programming that aims to be safe for everyone. Events that have happened and/or are in the works include the second annual National Coming Out Day Open-Mic; Shabbat potlucks; dialogues around race, sexuality, and heteronormativity; LGBTQIA trips to Israel; pool parties; barbecues; a presentation on the Affordable Healthcare Act; documentary screenings; and various other collaborative projects. Website | Facebook | Twitter