Arts & Culture

March 11, 2018
Austin Queer Yoga Collective
MISSION The Austin Queer Yoga Collective is an up-and-coming non-profit organization benefiting the GLBTQIA community. We facilitate events and provide yoga classes and workshops, yoga therapy, massage and bodywork, acupuncture/Traditional Chinese Medicine, empowerment trainings, ecstatic dance, and a medley of other alternative healing modalities at accessible pricing or free-of-cost to those in need. Facebook
March 9, 2018
Bayou City Performing Arts, Inc.
MISSION We sing to transform hearts and minds. Using the transformative power of choral musical excellence, we sing to: empower and inspire critical thinking about social justice issues through individual and community healing; entertain and enlighten our audience and bring a smile to the human spirit; demonstrate to young people the power and importance of human voices raised together in song; and nurture our membership through fun and fellowship. Website | Facebook | Twitter
February 26, 2018
Black and White Men Together Atlanta
MISSION Black & White Men Together is a gay multiracial, multicultural organization committed to fostering supportive environments wherein racial and cultural barriers can be overcome and the goal of human equality realized. To these ends we engage in educational, political, cultural, and social activities as a means of dealing with racism, sexism, homophobia, HIV/AIDS discrimination and other inequities in our community and in our lives. All who share our goals are welcome. Website | Facebook
March 6, 2018
Black Gay Intellectuals United
The ACLU and ACLUF are dedicated to promoting, defending and expanding civil liberties in Arkansas.