March 6, 2018
Also Youth
MISSION ALSO Youth provides peer support services, educational programs, advocacy, and referrals for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex, and questioning youth in the Sarasota area ages 13 to 21, their families and friends, and the community, thereby enhancing self-esteem, promoting healthy dialogue, and increasing awareness of sexual minority youth issues. Website | Facebook | Twitter
March 6, 2018
Arkansas Trans Equality Coalition (ARTEC)
The ACLU and ACLUF are dedicated to promoting, defending and expanding civil liberties in Arkansas.
February 26, 2018
Atlanta FTM
MISSION Welcome to FTMs in Atlanta. SOFFAS are welcome also. Membership is on approval only and a questionnaire is sent out. Members discuss issues online and occasionally gather in person. Website
March 9, 2018
Black Trans Advocacy
MISSION To Advance Social Equality for All Disenfranchised People With Specific Focus On Inequities Faced In The Black And Transgender Human Experience. Black Trans Advocacy is a social justice alliance of the Black Transmen Inc, Black Transwomen Inc & Black Trans International Pageantry System organizations. BTA is committed to the advancement of black and trans people and the liberation of all disenfranchised people by working collaboratively to help end race and gender inequalities. Website | Facebook