February 28, 2018
Transgender Health & Education Alliance (THEA)
MISSION THEA’s mission is to foster understanding of transgender people and provide education, support, training, and resources for the transgender community, individuals, families, and professionals. Website
March 2, 2018
Transitions Louisiana
MISSION The mission of Transitions Louisiana is to support all transgender and gender nonconforming individuals to lead happy, healthy and honored lives throughout the state of Louisiana with a special emphasis on the unique needs of the Latinx community*. Transitions Louisiana is a proud member Trans United** Website | Facebook | Twitter
February 28, 2018
MISSION It is the mission of this group to provide a safe place for transgender individuals and people who feel they do not fit into the standard gender norms to express their true selves. Website | Facebook
March 11, 2018
TransKids Purple Rainbow Foundation
MISSION TKPRF is committed to supporting the lives of TransKids and their families through the education and enlightenment of society, by funding research, scholarships, and healthcare…by challenging injustices due to discrimination…and providing financial support to homeless Trans youth and individual families in need of assistance. Website | Facebook