March 10, 2018
Metro Area Gender Identity Connection (MAGIC)
MISSION MAGIC DC (Metro Area Gender Identity Connection of Washington DC) is a peer support group for Transsexual, Gender Queer and other Gender Identity Questioning people living in the greater Washington DC Metropolitan Area. Active for over 25 years, we discuss everything from philosophy and feelings to practical matters such as legal issues and medical problems and solutions. Website
March 8, 2018
Metro Behavioral Health Centers (Metropolitan Charities)
MISSION Metro Behavioral Health Centers offer a variety of psychotherapy and support group options to everyone in the community. Specializations include Living with HIV, Bullying, LGBTQ issues, Coming Out, Gender Identity, Substance Misuse, Transgender Support, Family Support, Couples Therapy and Life Coaching. Website | Facebook | Twitter
March 8, 2018
New Beginnings TLC
MISSION New Beginnings TLC, INC. services the post-surgical needs of transmen and gender non-conforming individuals with world-class care and commitment to providing the most comprehensive recovery experience possible. Website | Facebook | Twitter
March 10, 2018
Organizacion Latina de Trans en Texas
MISSION Defender, Proteger y Asegurar la igualdad de derechos humanos para la poblacion trans en el estado de texas. Website | Facebook